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13 August 2006

What makes an addict?

So I was playing my favorite computer game today, Jewel Quest and it got me thinking. What makes someone an addict. Now, I don't think I am one. Not that I'm in denial, because I'm not, I'm not addicted! Anyway as I was playing my game Kelly said she was going to go start making lunch. I said, "Ok, I'll be in there in just a second to help, I just need to lose this game. Oh wait, that's not going to happen. I'm too good. Let me pause it." She asked why I didn't just quit the game and of course I replied "I'm not a quiter." So after lunch I picked up on my game where I left off and felt the need to promptly defend myself and told Kelly, I'm not addicted, I just can't stop once I start. She said, right that's just like saying I'm not an alcoholic, I just can't stop drinking once I start. I said ok, well, when I'm not playing the game, I don't crave it or anything, and I could quit, it's just then I won't see what my score is. So the question is, am I an addict? By the way, I did let myself lose, after I obtained my highest score ever. I have now moved on and won't play Jewel Quest again, at least not today.


kelly_w said...

you won't play any more today? can i hold you to that?
will you hit me?

addict or not, i find it hilarious that i'm posting on your blog while looking at you, and we're both still sitting in the same place we were at noon or so.

oh wait, no. you moved from the middle of the couch to the side. that makes you the productivity winner for the day.

anne said...

Ha!! That's pretty funny...I also find myself addicted (er attached?) to computer games. Once I start, I will be up until the wee hours of the night. But I can get myself not to start. Honest.

Victoria said...

are you an addict? let me ask you some pertinent questions that should shed a little light on the subject.
1. do you play Jewel Quest instead of eating, sleeping or peeing?
2. do you put off said eating, sleeping and peeing for large amounts of time to play Jewel Quest?
3. do you have a Jewel Quest tattoo?
4. when Kelly asks you questions like "what do you want to eat" or "what do you want to do?" do you...
a. scream JEWEL QUEST
b. jump up and down and while foaming at the mouth and use sign language to say JEWEL QUEST
c. run to your computer and start eating it and saying "mmm, jewel quest is delicious."

if any of the above are true, you are an addict.

Marianna said...

Well, I decided to check out Jewel Quest and see what all the fuss was about. That was an hour ago... Suffice it to say, I understand your addiction.

Mmmm...Jewel Quest is delicious.