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25 December 2006

Christmas #2 of 3

Merry Christmas!!! So, I didn't expect that spending my first Christmas away from home would mean that I get 3 times as many Christmas'. It all started last Sunday when I celebrated with Kelly and Victoria. We had a spectacular day! It began with a trip to the Rastro then a visit to Victoria's new apartment. After that I took a much needed nap. This holiday stuff is exhausting! Next on the agenda was a trip to the Cine to watch "The Holiday." When we arrived home I baked some cookies and Victoria cooked a delicious dinner of chicken and spinach fettuccini. After dinner we exchanged gifts and opened our stockings. One of Victoria's gifts was "Pride and Prejudice" so of course we had to watch it. So that was Christmas #1.
Christmas #2 started yesterday with a Christmas Eve lunch with people from church. Then last night me and my friends Kristy and Ian who are visiting from the UK went to Troy and Heather's for a rousing game of Bingo and Polar Express. We spent the night and this morning we opened stockings and presents with the Cady's. This has been a wonderful Christmas. I get to spend it with new family here in Madrid and also old family. I've been friends with Kristy since I can remember and it is so great to have her here with me. It makes it a bit easier to be away from my family at home. I do look forward to Christmas #3 with my parents at the end of January when I go home. God has really blessed me this year. It amazes me how he looks out for us for even small things like making Christmas wonderful no matter where you are. It is all about Him anyway. So, where ever you are this holiday I pray that you remember the true meaning of this Holiday, Christ's coming, and can celebrate that with family and friends.
(More pictures from Christmas #2 to follow in a later post.)

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kelly_w said...

i'm so glad you had a good christmas! multiple holidays are the best!