I am a missionary in Spain who desires for the power of the Holy Spirit to be unleashed in me, to be unabashed about the love of Christ, and unafraid to go where God calls. These are my stories in this journey of letting God have everything.

17 January 2007

Jesus has quite literally moved into our neighborhood

Well, Gsus has moved in. Gsus is a clothing store from The Netherlands. It opened up on the corner of our street over Christmas. You can't really tell from this picture, but just above the store sign is a street sign. It is my street, Calle Espirtu Santo, which means Holy Spirit Street. I don't know if you believe in the spirit world or not, but I do and I think that our street is more than just "heaven's playground." I believe that our street is more of a battle ground than a playground. Holy Spirit Street is probably less than a quarter of a mile (1/2 a kilometer) and on our street we have a shop called "The Morgue", a couple of shops that have pictures of demons, a shop that has the word devil in it (there are quite a few goths around here), the Madrid Hare Krishna center, now Gsus, and our flat that is often used for church purposes.

Despite that fact that I know that this new shop has nothing to do with really being followers of the one true Jesus, it makes me feel like maybe we aren't alone here and that maybe Satan is losing his stronghold on our street. Now when people walk down our street, the first thing they see is this shop and whether they believe or not, they will think about Jesus, how can you not when you see that sign?! Hopefully as they make their way down the street, they will then feel His presence emanating from our flat. Before this shop was here, Jesus was already in this neighborhood, but now there is a visible reminder. This battle is not over yet, and when it is, only Jesus and His followers will be left standing on this street. I pray that the longer I live here and the longer our flat is used to serve Madrid, the number of followers will grow. Jesus is here to stay!!!


anne said...

That is just so interesting! It's so easy to ignore the spirit world when you can't truly 'see' it, but little hints like this make it so obvious in such a literal way!

Victoria said...

i hadn't looked at it like that but i'm glad you did. rock on.