I am a missionary in Spain who desires for the power of the Holy Spirit to be unleashed in me, to be unabashed about the love of Christ, and unafraid to go where God calls. These are my stories in this journey of letting God have everything.

10 August 2007

What does your Jesus look like?

I hope it's not this. I know this is not what my Jesus looks like, because this is creepy! How do you like those subtitles too?! (In case the text is too small, it says: "Makes a Major Comeback and Other Amazing Feats")


Victoria said...

this is even funnier than before. especially if you stare at it for a while.

kelly_w said...

wow. that's the scariest thing ever. has "follow me" written all over it, huh?

just me said...

stuart and jill briscoe are the pastors of the church i grew up in. (well stu was, jill just wrote a lot of books)