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10 February 2006

I Saw Putin!

So, I did some sight seeing on Wednesday with my friend Miriami, from Finland. She is here in Madrid as an Au Pair. Anyway, we went to all the really touristy places that I have posted pictures to before and also earlier today. We saw the symbol of Madrid, the Bear and the Strawberry tree in Puerta del Sol (don't ask me why this is the symbol of Madrid, I don't know), went to Plaza Mayor, went into the cathedral, La Almudena, and wanted to tour the palace, but couldn't. We went to visitor's center and could see from the sign that it was closed for tours because of official ceremonies. As we were leaving we saw a lot of people looking down the street and decide to see what is going on. As we turn the corner we almost run into about 30 to 40 horses with people on them all decked out in uniform and armor. It was one of the most surreal things I have ever seen. We had no idea what was going on but decided to just stand around and wait to see what would happen. It definately looked like they were waiting for something. Anyway, after about 20 minutes all of a sudden all the horses formed rank and started trotting down the street. What more could we do but follow?! We followed them about a block when they all stop again right in front of an entrance ramp up onto the main road. Shortly after they stop about 20 police cars and motorcycles come up the ramp. In the midst of all the police was a limo town car type thing and as soon as it got onto the main road all of the horses completely surrounded the car and escorted it down the street and then around the corner. At the time we wondered if it was the king or who it was, but Miriami noticed that the car liscence number was from Russia. Either way, we knew that whoever the mysterious person was, they are very important. It was so incredible. There is a lot of fanfare for President Bush, but I think Knights in armor carring swords and riding horses is way cooler. Anyway, I just found out today that President Vladimir Putin was in town meeting with the king and who we saw was in fact the one and only President of the Russian Federation. Wow, that was a really long story to tell about one small 30 minute event from my week. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed this, my enounter with the elite.

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kelly_w said...

hehe. putin. there is nothing un-funny about that name. putin.

hehe. i can't get over it.