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28 March 2006

My Trip to the Post Office

So I got a notice the other day that I had a package to pick up from the post office. Let me just assure that that kind of notice made my day. Anyway, yesterday Kelly and I set off for the Post Office by way this cool building and by way of the Thyssen Museum. I went to the Thyssen on Friday with my Spanish class to check out the temporary Russian Avant-Gardes exhibit. It was pretty interesting and yet slightly stressful as our teacher was explaining the exhibit in Spanish, and I thought just every day conversation was difficult... So before I left I of course had to visit the gift shop. I found a really cool book that is all about Madrid, but for kids. I decided to get it because I really like it when I looked at it and the Spanish isn't too difficult. I picked up one of the books that was wrapped in plastic and bought it. When I got home I realized that it is in English. I don't really need a children's book in English right now. Anyway, all of that to say that I wanted to exchange the book for the one in Spanish. So on the way to the post office we went by there and of course, it was closed today. That is one annoyance I have with Madrid, you often never know when something will be open or closed. After walking out of the way to go to a museum that was closed we finally got to the post office, or should I say the "Palace of Communications." This is actually the name of this building. It was incredible! Everything was marble and quite grand. I'm pretty sure you won't find anything quite like this in the states.
Besides the grandeur of the building I was most taken with the small brown package that traveled over the Atlantic ocean from home just for me. In everything that is different and amazing, there is something also amazing about the normalcy of home. It has been very interesting trying to live a life of both over the last couple of months. This form of communication has been such a blessing with keeping me connected to home as well as the spectacular post office.
I was glad to experience the "Palace of Communications" yesterday but let me just ask you this question, did it make sense that I had to go there for my package when we passed at least 2 post offices between my house and there? I don't know either! We'll be in touch!

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kelly_w said...

i'm glad i went with you and finally got around to seeing that place. a bit daunting walking into it,though,eh?